An insight into the Spiritual Side of Jagmohan Garg

The things that majorly define a person – appearance, personality, abilities, work, relationships, etc., are all subject to change. As per Jagmohan Garg, a Delhi-based realtor who follows the Brahma Kumari’s spiritual group, one’s sense of self can be influenced by a number of factors, such as the circumstances in which he lives, what people say about him and the problems faced by him. It is believed that the limited, external perception of a person is the root cause of much of the unhappiness and insecurity in the world. Majority of the people are on a lookout for their inner, spiritual identity.
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Jagmohan Garg Delhi believes that spiritual identity is like a ray of hope in a state of despondence and dejection. It is only through recognizing and experiencing your spiritual self that you can connect with God and enlighten yourself. It is the solution to almost every problem which helps one in contributing positively to this world. One of the best ways to know yourself on a deeper level is to focus on what you really value in life. It will enhance your self-esteem and make you feel valuable. It becomes important to determine that what is there in your life that matches what you value.
Considering yourself as a spiritual being, you can rediscover your natural, inner treasures of peace, love, purity, happiness and wisdom. Jagmohan Garg Delhi emphasizes that experiencing these qualities within yourself; you’ll be a happier, contended and stable person. It will further help you in keeping your self-respect, even when someone is trying to bring you down. This way, you can also help others in coming out of their limited perception.